Home Buyers

Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home!

Landmark Realty can assist you every step of the way to make this exciting experience as pleasant as possible, from the first house -hunting expedition to a successful closing. You will have the full backing of a professional Real Estate team.

Knowledgeable Representation

As your Buyers Agent, we will utilize our in-depth understanding and appreciation of the local market to help you locate, negotiate for, and purchase the home that is right for you. We recognize the value of  your time. And we will work closely together to find your dream home.

Get Pre-Approved



  • It will provide you with a clear sense of what you can afford and what your monthly payment will be.
  • You can address potential problems up front, such as income qualification, issues with credit scores, or the securing of necessary documentation so that you can get the best loan.
  • It greatly improves the odds of getting the winning offer. Buy being in position to close quickly, your offer might get accepted, even when in competition against higher bids.
  • There is less chance of the transaction falling apart and of losing your deposit money.